Nothing Classier Than White Sneakers: Not Unless They Are Vegan

Taking a walk down any popular path, or alleys or on campus, it is hard not to notice the ubiquitous presence of white sneakers. From their pristine attraction to accentuating whichever colours or styles accompany them; you can almost do no wrong with white sneakers.

If you don’t believe it, do a local survey around you, or amongst friends, and see how beloved and appreciated white sneakers are. It may not even be out of place to say that white sneakers are the protagonists of any sneaker collections.

However, could there be something classier than white sneakers? Well, definitely, and not surprisingly the better option is rocking vegan white sneakers.

Here are many reasons why white vegan sneakers are better than conventional white sneakers

White Vegan Sneakers Are Eco-Friendly

Ever walk on the earth (in sneakers), and feel so comfortable? so righteous? That is what you feel when you rock vegan sneakers from the LØCI vegan brand. The soles are made purely from recycled rubber, with the insides made from recycled cork and the upper layers made from recycled ocean plastics.

All these raw materials help reduce the massive pollution on our once pristine earth.

White Vegan Sneakers Are Trendy

If you pay attention to red carpets and galas, and top award ceremonies, you will co e to appreciate the innocent styles of white sneakers. They fit seamlessly with any design or colours that you throw at them. It will be impossible for white sneakers to go out of vogue, especially when they are vegan.

If you have a problem with pure white vegan shoes, try LØCI white vegan pairs laced with different colours of your choice.

Model Wearing LOCI White Vegan Sneakers

Harder to Care for Compared to Other Sneakers

Although many may see this as a drawback, it shouldn't be, White vegan sneakers can be a pain to handle. However, the hard job of keeping them untainted and ever white is part of the fun of rocking vegan white sneakers.

The labour or time or special care you put into the sneakers is only self-rewarding when you rock them.

White Vegan Sneakers Are Cool With Animals

There is always pride when you rock a pair of sneakers that do not affect either animal or plant lives. LØCI vegan sneakers are made using recycled materials and synthetic glues. And it saves millions of animals from being converted to raw materials.

White Vegan Sneakers Are Universal

If there is any colour of sneakers that has dominated the industry, then it is white sneakers. LØCI white vegan sneakers are so adorable, and when accompanied by designs (colours) they are cool and stunning.

The colours and designs on LØCI vegan sneakers are lovely and tells more of the company’s puritanical efforts towards the earth.

LØCI brand of sneakers are not just saving the earth by making sustainable sneakers, the recent advancement in technology is seeing them make some of the most classy and high-grade sneakers. As considering human and earthly realities, their sneakers are sustainable, trendy, adorable and cost-effective.

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