Our Purpose

Developed because you need to be light on your feet so that at a moment's notice you can experience everything life has to offer. Our Flats, Pumps, Heels, Sandals, Slip-ons and sneakers are designed with the aim of finding the ultimate comfort style balance. We will work tirelessly to keep improving and driving on that front.

Look good, Feel good, that's the name of the game.

Our Vision

It's not enough to achieve our ambition. We want to do it using innovative materials that are don't impact the planet. We source the most ethically vegan materials around (a.k.a vegan leather and pleather) and since 2019 have invested resources into reusing oceean placstics and recylced card when ever possible.

Of course we know that we are not perfect - we are faced with tough decisions daily but we will do our best use this method to provide experiences that bring joy and shape lives.

Our Mission

Inspire confience with a "Look good, Feel good" footwear - with an ethical and environmental slant.

"I can wear these anywhere"


- Annie R. (34, Teacher - London, UK)