Darin Olien is co-host of the Emmy™ Award Winning, #1 Netflix docu-series, Down to Earth with Zac Efron.

We know how heavily you care about doing your part for the environment and supporting sustainable practices – that's why we’re psyched to introduce you to Darin Olien, a wellness guru and environmental advocate who wants nothing more than to inspire individuals like you to make earth-friendly choices in their everyday life.
Proclaimed ‘the Indiana Jones of Superfoods’ by one of our rockstar editors here at Eco Friendly & Loving Life Magazine, this dynamic entrepreneur has been shaking up the health industry with his advocacy on proper nutrition, sustainable lifestyle changes, and greener living all around - but there's much more behind him that keeps us green-obsessed readers captivated.
As an entrepreneur, athlete and world explorer dedicated to discovering ancient superfoods from around the globe, he brings followers on a mind-boggling journey through sustainable living practices.
Whether it's diving into his own 30+year research or exploring regenerative agriculture found along remote mountain ranges in Peru, Darin has made sustainability more than just a trend - it’s his lifestyle!

His number one goal is and always has been to live a healthy, sustainable life for himself and the planet. And to encourage and inspire others to do the same.

Prior to traveling the world, looking for sustainable ways of living with Zac, Darin was already widely recognised as an exotic superfoods hunter & supplement formulator, spending nearly 20 years exploring the planet discovering new and underutilised exotic foods and medicinal plants.

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