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The sneaker industry has taken some strides in a positive direction, with eco-friendly brands aiming to do good. However, this progress is often hindered by overproduction and the use of unsustainable materials.

LØCI is all about having ethical fashion without sacrificing on style. With our innovative approach, you don't have to worry any longer if your closet will be packed with outdated fashion - we take a just-in-time production so that no pieces get thrown away into landfills! Look good and feel even better knowing it's cruelty free too; the future of ethical style has never been more fashionable than now.


After countless attempts to craft a stylish and sustainable sneaker, co-founders Emmanuel Eribo, Philippe Homsy, Mark Quaradeghini & Frank Eribo persevered with their vision of LØCI.

The result? A conscious, recycled sneaker that completely shakes up & encompasses everything the eco-fashion industry should be - which proves you can look great while doing good for mother nature! Stepping outside the box, they followed their hearts and embraced change. After 9 arduous processes it became a masterpiece - the "ORIGIN" sneaker: stylish with substance; a sneaker that stands for something more and then introduced the Gen 1 silhouettes of our LØCI collection!

It was here our journey began with the birth of our original sneaker, the LØCI ORIGIN – a classic example of form and function.


At LØCI, we don't just believe in looking good - our mission is to go a step further and look beyond.

We combine fashion with sustainability by creating sneakers built on the promise of ethical practices and groundbreaking materials. In fact, each pair features 20 recycled plastic bottles as well as recycled bamboo, foam & rubber – all part of an effort to fight global economic dysfunction while protecting Earth's precious resources!

From sourcing cotton and rubber ethically, right down to choosing our production site in Portugal - where industries are developed with social value held close-to-heart. At LØCI, we know that looking good doesn't have to come at the cost of an ethical price tag.


LØCI is a fashion powerhouse that strikes the perfect balance between style and purpose. In just one year, our brand has gained global traction with physical stores across Europe & USA and online presence in more than 200 territories worldwide!

Boasting an uncompromising approach to eco-friendly principles at its core - LØCI is revolutionising what modern sneaker fashion looks like today.

Defining the standards of ethical fashion with our signature style, LØCI is becoming a powerhouse in the fashion industry. We are more than just sneakers - we're bringing bolder silhouettes, accessories and apparel to take your wardrobe up to that next level! We're a key player on the rise - it's time for you to step into something special.

LØCI Twelve

Ready to be part of something bigger? 

Get ready for the launch of LØCI Twelve – connecting a passionate, style-savvy community and putting our planet at its core. From exciting events & pop ups across different cities to loyalty programs + online rewards - there's everything you need as we strive towards an eco-friendly lifestyle that connects us all through creativity! 

Enjoy exclusive rewards from online loyalty programmes, creative industry events access & more! LØCI is way more than just a sneaker; it’s a lifestyle - so come join us for an exciting calendar of dynamic initiatives that are focused on fashion but geared toward Mother Nature.


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