Sneaker Care

Don't let spills and scuffs ruin your style!

To keep LØCI sneakers looking as good as new, here are some easy aftercare tips to protect that fresh look.

Guide To Cleaning Your LØCI sneakers

Restore your sneakers to their former glory!

Start by diluting a cleaning solution in cold water, then use a brush to remove excess dirt and grime.

For more serious stains, spray the cleaner directly onto affected areas before scrubbing with your brush - you're sure to draw out all that discolouration.

Finish off with wiping down any remaining residue using a micro-fibre cloth and leave them to dry.

Guide To Protecting Your LØCI sneakers

To ensure your shoes stay looking as good as new, follow these simple steps.

Start by applying a protective spray and then use a soft brush to work the product into every layer of material.

Leave it overnight before wearing - this will guarantee maximum protection so that you can enjoy your favourite footwear for years to come!

Stains/Other Marks

With the growing trend of eco-friendly materials, white footwear is an increasingly popular choice. Though it's common to find occasional stains on these shoes due to a chemical reaction between water based dyes and adhesive with potential sources like detergents or temperature changes, don't worry – there’s still hope! With this process you can easily remove them.

1. Remove the insoles and give them a gentle scrub with an old toothbrush and solution of room temperature water mixed with soap.

2. Let those stains wash away before ensuring they don't bake under direct sunlight or heat by covering them up with tissue paper - this will help absorb any remaining discoloration for even fresher kicks!

After Care Products