Have you always had concern for the environment?

Kind of, I did care about it, but I didn’t necessarily always follow through. I knew when I was younger that we needed to recycle, and I knew that the climate was changing, but then in terms of my actions, I was still buying fast fashion, so the two were not aligning. I had an awareness, but it didn’t always necessarily impact my efforts until it came to a point when I couldn’t ignore the facts anymore. It came to an end when I decided I needed to change my habits and behaviors.

Sophie Banson

Have you always had concern for the environment?

I was working as a Stylist and had to do a lot of work for fast fashion brands to pay the bills. Then I started doing some research and reading books like 'The True Cost'. It just got to a point I was shopping one day and thought I wanted to buy something from a high street shop, but I had a lot of things in my mind about how they were made, so I put down what I had in my hands.

What inspired your focus on sustainable fashion?

Fashion has always been what I love. I studied fashion design at university, and I used to make my own clothes. I used to shop for second-hand clothes, so it made sense because it was what I worked in and what I cared about in my personal life. I care about what I wear; that's how I express myself creatively. It just made sense that was the area I tackled.

Since fixing’ fashion is not a single issue, what changes would you like to see made in the industry?

Two main things really, Definitely circularity. Brands recapturing their waste and what they've put out into the world and reusing it as a resource. I want to see legislation change, and I want to see changes on a government level, whether it's applying sanctions and taxes or mandating producer responsibility. Brands like yours are doing good things because you choose to, which is fantastic, but we know many brands won't do the right thing until they're told to.

Sophie Banson

Everyone knows you as the “Sustainable one.” What tips can you give someone thinking about sustainable living?

Have a break from shopping. That helped. I realised I would shop when I was bored, happy or sad. The cycle of feeling you always need something new. I had more time to research brands that are doing things well and the environmental impact. When you start, it can feel like an enormous burden. I would say to people don't feel you have to take everything on by yourself. We can make changes, but more significant systemic changes need to happen, so do it; try but don't be too hard on yourself.

What's your least sustainable habit?

I take long showers. I waste too much water.

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