How to Wear Bright Sneakers: Styling Tips

Pulling off a classic with a bright, bold colored pair of sneakers can be a bit of a challenge. Trust me, we’ve all been there, trying to figure out what outfit will complement our pink or red or mustard sneakers.

Luckily for us (and our feet!), bright neon trainers have seen a massive resurgence in the world of fashion, thanks to their prevalence among off-duty models and street-style sneakers enthusiasts. With tons of examples out there, I’ve condensed the main ideas into practical guides to help you slay with maximum confidence and comfort in that blazing sneakers.

Monochromatic Outfit

One of the most popular and easiest ways to pull off bright sneakers is to combine them with a monochromatic feel. One foolproof idea is to go for a black outfit! I would recommend slim-fit black jeans with an oversized black tee and an oversize jacket. I’ve tried that combo with multiple bright sneakers - and it has never failed. You can also experiment with other monochromatic looks to explore what looks good on ya!

Stick to Similar Color Tones

If you’re looking for a fuss-free way to pair your outfit and bright sneakers without worrying about factors like sizing and layers, then go for matching colors.

A good strategy is to wear similar color tones with sightly different shades to complement each other. For instance, you can rock an orange sweater with a hint of gray, with the orange seven LØCI sneakers. Adopting a dark-colored bottom keeps things simple and makes the sneakers stand out.

Pair Bright Sneakers With a Dress

You most probably heard that bright dress up sneakers add a street element feminine look.

Thinking about looking feminine in a street kinda way? A tee shirt dress with bright classic sneakers will tick both boxes.

Instead of wearing the heels that will likely give you sore feet, why not opt for sneakers to go with your dress instead? Asides from the unparalleled comfort assured, this combo will take your outfit up a notch because it enhances that feminine look by adding a street-styled element.

Rock It With a Jeans

Your sneakers don’t have to be neutral colors to pull off a classic. A simple trick is to use wear a top that’s the color of your bright sneakers, with dark-colored jeans. For instance, a bright pink sneak with a pink top and navy blue jeans is super cute. Adding a gray jacket will further give it a killer effect!

Bare Your Ankles to Give the Impression That You’re Taller

Worried about your height? Feeling that your smaller-built stature may make your sneakers seem too bulky? Well, that’s nothing to worry about! A simple trick will resolve this dilemma.

Want to know what it is? Just reveal your ankles. By opting for low-cut bamboo socks or rolling excessively long jeans, you give the impression that you’re a couple of inches taller than you are.

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