Is There Anything More Comfortable Than Sneakers?

What’s the first thing you consider when you wanna purchase a pair of shoes? Well, if you’re like most people, looks is certainly a top priority. But it goes way more than that. We pretty much wear shoes for most of the day. And I bet you’ve put on some shoes where you felt discomfort within your feet and throughout your whole body. So, you need no long lecture on the importance of comfort.

When it comes to your footwear, you want something that will protect your feet and make you feel comfortable all day long. However, the dilemma remains resolving your overall looks with the comfort component. Of course, this will be ultimately decided by the nature of the event. But for most activities, like running errands, meeting friends, or a semi-casual outfit, sneakers are king!

Here’s why.


Going for a jog? Preparing for a high-intensity exercise? Nothing provides more support for your feet than solid sneakers. With the high stability of sneakers, it’s way easier to run, jump, and walk with unrivaled confidence and comfort. I know you know what I’m talking about.

Let’s face it, feet injuries suck. It’s quite frustrating to wait as the wound slowly heals (Ladies that wear high heels, in particular, might have more experience with this!)

But you know what? With the right kind of sneakers specifically designed to suit your feet, that’s less likely to happen. Sneakers are also super lightweight, making them easy to walk about in.


After high-intensity training or after your long day at work, the last thing you want is for sweat to get trapped in your shoes. Do you know what causes stinky odor in shoes? It’s partly caused by the accumulation of sweat that serves as a breeding ground for bacteria. Compared to say a leather shoe, sneakers are made from breathable materials like mesh, which allows air to easily pass through the shoes, drying up moisture. And that's why work sneakers are becoming increasingly popular.

With high-quality sneakers, you know you can take them off anywhere without saturating the room with a foul smell.


I can’t think of an activity you can pull off a sneaker. I’ve seen couples wear sneakers for their wedding (The bride was wearing a wedding gown). Sneakers are that versatile. They come in a variety of styles, designs, colors, and forms, making it almost impossible not to slay with the right tricks up your sleeve!

Finding The Right Pair

No other footwear trumps sneakers when it comes to comfortability. However, you need to find one that suits your style and taste. But more importantly, you want one that doesn’t harm the environment.

LØCI sneakers are made from PET plastic, and recycled EVA foam. This means they are sustainable, ethical, and innovative. Meticulously crafted 3D woven fabrics, these sneakers have high breathability, are lightweight, and guarantee maximum comfort.

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