Saving the Earth and Fashion: Through 'Made in Portugal' Vegan Sneakers

Well, for every sneakers lover, we cannot underestimate how fascinating the shift in sneakers design has been in Europe. Now, don’t get me wrong, European sneakers producers have dominated the market for almost a century with fabulous and a lot of out-of-the-box designs. However, right now, you simply must give it up for Portuguese designers.

You may not find any of the big sneakers makers of Portuguese origin, but it is hard to deny the growing influence of their craftsmanship in the sneakers industry. And this is one factor that will keep European sneakers makers in vogue.

However, with the growing preference for vegan and more eco-friendly footwear, more sneakers lovers are seeking more than ever Portuguese beauty.

Fortunately for our vegan sneaker lovers (which should be all), all our sneakers are handmade in Portugal. And many of these designs are influenced by European and Custom styles.

There are many reasons why you would want your sneakers or whatever wears at that to be Made in Portugal

Portugal is Europe's current biggest exporters of fashion

For many who pay close attention to the labels of their styling (clothes, sneakers, shoes, hats), you would notice that the “made in Italy” labels are gradually being ousted by the “made in Portugal” ones. This is because Portugal has seen a massive but quiet rejuvenation in its fashion industry over the last decade.

The high craftsmanship of Portuguese wears is overtaking Italian brands, and at cheaper prices. It means consumers get quality sneakers at less cost

Smaller, Custom sustainable fashion shops

In Portugal, the workshops are usually smaller, efficient, and dedicated. It means you can make custom orders quickly and in smaller quantities. This is a major reason consumers can get classy LØCI sneakers that do not imitate leather designs.

Smaller shops mean fewer admin barriers, quicker production and manufacture, easier to scale process, and cheaper cost of production; a win-win for all.

Easier to ship raw materials into Portugal

The vegan fashion industry in Portugal is experiencing a boost, due to its proximity to major raw materials. Some of these materials include; plastics, rubbers, corks, bamboos, and another dumping in the sea.

Since all our sneakers are made from repurposed, recycled products from the coasts of Africa, little costs, and zero harm is done to the environment in moving them to the factories.

High craftsmanship is easier when combined with favourable legislation in the country in the fashion industry.

The future is Portugal

The hype of the “made in Italy” or mixed feelings from the “made in China” may well be coming to an end. Evermore Portugal is being dubbed the new home for fashion in Europe, and maybe the world. Outside Asian manufacturers, Portugal ranks among the top 5 in the world in exporting the most high-grade sneakers.

Wrapping Up

The LØCI sneakers brand not only reflects the high artistry and intelligence of Portuguese shoemakers but considers the satisfaction of manufacturers. Our vegan sneakers are as classy, comfortable as many of the leather sneakers around, with zero negative impact on the environment.

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