You recently worked with James Cameron. How was it working on the set of Avatar?

It was impactful. The movie industry is crazy, and we get to do lots of really cool and exciting things... James Cameron and his wife are terrific, and they stand by what they believe.

What advice would you give to someone considering a sustainable lifestyle?

I would say that's not a good thing to do. Everything is in balance, and everything takes time. You're not just going to run a marathon, you're going to train, and you're going to prepare for it.

Why do you feel safest 40 feet underwater surrounded by sharks?

That was possibly the safest place in the world because I was underwater, and no, one was going to mess with me at 40 feet. I've got like 30 bodyguards swimming around me at night. I'm okay.

Have you ever been bitten by a shark?

This one's always a tricky one to answer... I must highlight that anytime I've been in a situation with a shark where it has not been ideal, it's because I've put myself into that position. Luckily, I still can't feel all my fingers, but I have all of them.

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