Why vegan is the best, and reasons to make vegan sneakers your next fashion must-have

There are so many reasons to go vegan — from ethical reasons to environmental reasons and health reasons. It varies from person to person and is a deeply individual choice to make. When you become vegan, you become more mindful about not only what you eat but also what you wear, shower with, and spend your dollars on. And luckily, with the rise of veganism, there are endless options. In the fashion industry, there are now vegan sneakers, knitwear, and coats that rival the real deal.

Going vegan isn’t a fashion choice. But, fashion-conscious and ethically conscious don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Within the industry, many brands are inclusive of people’s different lifestyle choices. People no longer have the same connotations of the vegan industry being “a bit hippy,” and the fashion choices reflect that.

When you think of vegan footwear, you probably think of either cheap PVC boots or wooden Birkenstock-esque sandals.

But there are so many vegan footwear options that deserve to be labelled stylish first and vegan second.

Why vegan living is easier than you think

If you’re against cruelty to animals, then you already have the fuel within you to go vegan. You’re almost the majority of the way there. Now you just need to match your actions with your intentions.

You set the pace

You may think that going vegan is a huge lifestyle change you have to make overnight. But, truth be told, as going vegan is your own personal choice, you can decide how quickly you go into it.

For example, if you’re living with your parents, it might be difficult to get everyone to transition to a vegan lifestyle. Instead, you could prepare a vegan meal for them a few nights a week and be mindful only to eat vegan food when outside.

Or, you could start buying vegan fashion as an alternative to fast fashion. Sneakers made with vegan leather are a great alternative to PVC or animal leather. Choosing vegan sneakers is a simple change that doesn’t feel like a compromise.

Choose to go vegan in small areas of your life until you have the confidence and knowledge to go the whole way.

We should all do a little rather than expect a few to do it all.

The vegan community is huge

Veganism used to be considered an extremist movement and, if you were vegan, it would be difficult to find others to connect with. It was a bit like living on the fringes of society.

These days, the situation is entirely different. There are countless YouTubers and Instagrammers who document their vegan lifestyle and give tips, like Twilight actress and environmentalist Nikki Reed.

You can also find Reddit threads and Facebook groups dedicated to all things vegan living, vegan eating, and vegan fashion. So pop in and ask, “where’s the best place to buy vegan sneakers?” and get prepared for the answers to roll in.

There are so many vegan imitations

Love gelato? Or cheese boards? Or even hot dogs? You’re spoiled for choice as you can now find vegan alternatives for even the most specialist foods.

The same goes for fashion. The textile industry is getting smarter. There are now technologies to create vegan fabrics that don’t only replace but also rival the real deal.

Why vegan sneakers should be your next fashion must-have

Vegan sneakers are an easy switch to make in your fashion closet. There are so many brands and styles to choose from. Killing animals for sneakers? It’s just not necessary.

So, join the revolution and make vegan sneakers your next fashion must-have.

Abundant styles

No matter what your style, there’s a pair of vegan sneakers to suit you. Prefer minimalist vegan sneakers? No problem. Or wanna go loud with brightly colored vegan high tops? You’re covered!

Vegan footwear doesn’t mean slim pickings. Do your research and find a pair with your name on them.

Huge choice of brands

These days, more and more brands are becoming conscious of their offerings. Even huge mainstream brands like Nike, Adidas, and New Balance have vegan sneaker collections and release vegan versions of their most-loved styles.

But, more exciting than that is the choice to discover new brands that are dedicated to creating the highest quality, most sustainable vegan sneakers.

These up-and-coming brands are niche and stand out from the rest. They’re anything but basic. Plus, many, like us here at LØCI, put craftsmanship ahead of profit. So, you get a luxury sneaker that’s been made with care rather than mass-produced in a factory.

And a percentage of your payment goes towards conservation charities to heal the damage that’s already been done.

Unique finish

Vegan sneakers are made with unique materials like pineapple leather, mushroom leather, and recycled ocean plastic.

These materials don’t try to imitate leather. Instead, they’re a premium vegan textile all of their own.

Vegan sneakers like this tend to break in better than their animal counterparts and are more waterproof, so they last for longer. They look unique without being outlandish.

Plus, let’s be honest. It’s 2021. Does vegan leather need to be a carbon copy of leather? Let’s create textiles that are premium in their own way.

Vegan is beautiful

We saved the best for last. Is there anything more beautiful than someone compassionate about all the living creatures in this world? We think not! That’s the biggest fashion statement,

How to choose vegan sneakers

When buying vegan sneakers, it’s also important to consider how they’re made. So many brands bring out vegan footwear collections made with PVC. That’s another problem all of its own.

The truth is that PVC is a highly toxic material harmful to both human health and the environment.

PVC is plastic, and you don’t need us to tell you how damaging that is to the ocean.

Despite the common misconception, not all vegan sneakers are made with planet-polluting synthetics.

We’re living proof of that!

Let us share our checklist for deciding if a pair of vegan sneakers deserve to be your next fashion must-have.


The first thing to consider when buying vegan sneakers is the outer material. Most sneakers are made of either cow’s leather or cotton. Of course, we don’t need to tell you that cow’s leather isn’t the best ethical choice.

But did you know that cotton is also environmentally problematic? That means that canvas shoes are out.

If you want vegan sneakers that are sustainable, too, source out shoes made of more advanced materials.

Here at LØCI, our vegan sneakers are made with recycled plastic from the ocean, so as well as being vegan, we also cut down on the plastic in the ocean.

Other innovative sustainable vegan sneaker materials include Pinatex and mushroom leather.


Sneakers usually have a cotton lining, and as we mentioned, it’s not the best choice for the environment.

As vegan clothing brands care about morals and ethics, naturally, most independent brands use sustainable materials instead of cotton.

One example of this is bamboo cotton. Bamboo grows plentifully in the wild and doesn’t require much watering. Its low maintenance but highly durable, meaning bamboo cotton can last for years.


Looking for new vegan sneakers? The next step is to be conscious of how much the company chooses to tell you. Is it challenging to find out what materials they use? Is their supply chain hidden?

If so, it probably means they’re hiding something.

What about their profits. Do they donate to charities? Do they pay their workers a living wage?

If you want conscious fashion, choose sneakers that don’t play on your conscience.

Manufacturing process

For fashion to be truly ethical, we must consider who is making it just as much as what it’s made of. Avoid companies who choose to make their products in countries where people are paid a ridiculously low wage or have unsafe working conditions.

That “Made In….” label speaks volumes.

Suppose it’s made in a country known for treating garments workers well, then full points to them. If those garment workers are artisans, then you’ll know that care and attention went into your vegan sneakers. Is there anything better than choosing clothes that were clearly made with love!

Make vegan sneakers your next fashion must-have

We believe that ethical and vegan sneakers should be the next big fashion trend. But for now, there are just a few of us out here. So why not get ahead of the pack? Be one of the trailblazers who wore vegan trainers before they were cool.

Shop LØCI’s vegan sneakers today!

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