5 Reasons to Wear Sneakers

Oh so comfortable

The ease of wearing sneakers means they feel like a familiar friend every time we slide them on. In general, trainers are lightweight and use materials that cushion your feet and absorb shocks. If you’re used to wearing high heels or even leather brogues, a pair of sneakers can feel like walking on pillows. LØCI vegan sneakers take this a step further, with materials and design features that ensure maximum comfort – including using foam with a high density bounce and incorporating additonal heel and ankle cushion support.

Woman Wearing LOCI Vegan Sneakers, Reading Magazine

Bags of choice

Sneakers are an essential fashion choice because there are so many styles out there. The sheer volume and diversity of what’s available in trainer-land is phenomenal. No matter what your taste is, without a doubt, you’ll be able to find the ideal sneakers for you. High tops, old skool, tennis shoes, slip ons, eco-friendly ones, the list goes on. When we buy clothes and shoes, we want to be able to find options that allow us to explore our tastes – and the wide range of sneakers on the market is perfect for this.

Express yourself

Why not let your trainers do the talking a swell as the walking? You can go for flair, understated, bold colours, all black, and so much more when you buy sneakers. We all express ourselves through our fashion choices, and sneakers are a perfect way to do this. There are trainers that say, “I’m a skater” or “I’m all about running” or even “I just wanna chill”. Sneakers are a great way of being able to explore who we are and the interests we have through footwear. You can different pairs for different moods and activities. Signalling your emotions and intentions by matching your sneakers to how you feel is lots of fun!

Model Wearing LOCI White Vegan Sneakers They’re for everyone and go with everything

Sneakers are the new black. Seriously, these days you can match them with any outfit and occasion. Dress up - sneakers allow you to do it. Dress down and wear casual sneakers - you can do that as well. Trainers can make wearing a suit more fun and funky. Throw on a pair with a ballgown to show you’re frivolous and playful. They are the ideal style choice for any athleisure outfit or denim ensemble. From celebs to influencers, millionaires to hippy chicks, everyone is wearing them. And sneakers are turning up in the boardroom, on the dancefloor, at weddings in sneakers, everywhere! So, there’s no excuse not to indulge in yet another pair of kicks.

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