Why Vegan Sneakers Are More Sustainable Than Any Others

Let’s do a little trivia - how many animals are killed each year to satisfy the sneakers leather demands? Over a billion animal lives, including sheep, pigs, goats, and co.

Over 2 million dogs and cats are killed every year in China to satisfy their dog and cat leather demands.

And not only are these figures outrageous, but they also constitute more disaster to those we face in the environment.

Due to the above reasons, and many others, lots of organizations, NGOs, councils, conferences, meetings, and so much more are always convoked to achieve uniform resolutions and solutions.

However, the best measures are to seek sustainable and conscious efforts to reduce these human actions. And one of the best ways to go about that is through vegan fashion.

Not only is vegan fashion about saving the earth, and animal lives, it also brings a whole new essence to fashion; one of integrity, responsibility, identity and character. Also, major fashion brands like the LØCI sneaker are at the forefront in evangelizing this movement with their classy, innovative sneakers.

So, if you love fashion, class and the stand-out feel with a sense of responsibility to mother earth, here are some reasons why vegan brands like LØCI are sustainable for the earth;

LOCI Black Vegan Sneakers Pair The materials are recycled and repurposed

Yeah, you only need to search "images of plastic dumping" on the internet to be appalled at human/industry insensitivity to our earth. Yet, fashion brands like LØCI say "let us help fix this", with the classy and comfortable brands of sneakers they manufacture.

The earth may not be restored in a day, but with LØCI, it is a positive journey.

All the sneakers are handmade

Do you know something better than cleaning the seas? It is not re-polluting it through industrial actions. LØCI vegan sneakers are handmade in Portugal with the finest shoemakers and types of equipment, which do not further cause more bio-hazards.

Zero loss to animal life

It is quite sad the number of alligators or crocs that have to die before a sweet designer belt is made, and don’t even get started on the fur coats, the leopard skin bags, or the leather sneakers. These designers all scream one thing “animal cruelty”.

LØCI sneakers are not only 100% recycled and synthetic materials, but they also donate 10% of profits for securing animal and sea life.

Increasing loss of habitats, deforestation and animal deaths all contribute to the sad imbalance of our ecology.

Woman Making LOCI Vegan Sneakers Made of Natural and Recycled Materials Vegan styles are classy and durable

Anyone who has not tasted the vegan lifestyle simply has no idea what they are missing. In many reports comparing vegan sneakers to conventional leather sneakers of similar or better grades, vegan sneakers have all outperformed leather sneakers in comfort, durability and style.

And one question begs even in your mind, What’s blinding non-vegan lovers

Time to be part of something greater

Studies have continued to show a fast-rising increase among Millenials and Gen Zs who are becoming conscious of the environment. We cannot continue past mistakes; men and women alike must act responsibly towards the earth, and LØCI vegan sneakers present an opportunity.

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