5 Reasons Why Sneakers Are the Perfect Shoes

Comfortable feet from Day 1

Unlike other types of shoes, like court shoes, high heels and brogues, you don’t have to wear in trainers. There’s no need to put up with a little discomfort in the beginning as the shoes become more flexible and eventually work together with the shape of your feet. The right pair of sneakers can be like walking on clouds from the moment you try them on. Say goodbye to pinching at the toes, rubbing on the back of the heel and any other pain points. Say hello to relaxation, relief and pleasure with the lightweight feel of LØCI sneaker’s cork and foam inserts and outsoles.

Cool in more ways than one

Shoes that smell like funky cheese definitely aren’t going to make you popular. That’s why it’s important to let your feet breathe. When they don’t, they get soaked in sweat and that’s exactly the kind of warm and damp place where fungi and bacteria grow. It’s never a good thing to be talking about feet, fungi and bacteria all in the same sentence! And, naturally, this situation leads to the stinky feet. Your best bet is buying sneakers that are made from breathable materials like mesh. These are also great value for money, especially as you won’t have to replace your trainers so often (unless you’re a sneaker addict).

Getting that boost for all your activities

One of the main benefits of sneakers is that they provide support for your feet while you do a range of activities – running for your train, jumping up and down at a gig, and much more. Being able to walk, run, and jump without worrying about getting injured is one of the things that makes trainers such a popular choice. LØCI sneakers go above and beyond – offering increased levels of support thanks to extra foam padding in the heel and ankle cushion and an additional heel support.

LØCI Red White and Blue Sneakers Close Up

A pair for every occasion

Versatility is vital. Sneakers can take you from the office to the bar to the rave. You can even wear them to a wedding! Trainers go with so many different styles of clothing – athleisure, casual, partywear, sportwear. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same pair of trainers for all these activities and outfits. But then you have the perfect excuse to beef up your sneaker collection, choosing different styles and colours to compliment different situations.

Doing your bit for the environment

Sneakers have gone sustainable. Well, at least at LØCI they have. If you wanna be eco-conscious, but still stay fashionable LØCI trainers are the ones for you. As well as looking super stylish, our sneakers have lots to boast about when it comes to sustainability. Our breathable, moisture-wicking mesh is made from recycled materials. Our insoles use recycled foam. And on top of that, we only use recycled PU leather.

The biggest and most important reason to buy a pair of sneakers should be because you like them. But just in case you need some justifications to ease your conscience or help to explain your huge collection, you can’t go wrong with this little list.

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