Wearing Sneakers to Work?

Are you tired of wearing uncomfortable shoes to work to look smart and presentable? Do you cringe at the thought of getting blisters, corns, bunions, destroying your precious toes and possibly wreaking the rest for your summer? You would definitely not have the prettiest feet on the beach. Why not try the sneaker?

The most versatile footwear ever known to man is work sneakers. There - I’ve said it! Better yet - the casual smart sneaker is the best fit for the workplace. Times have changed. We are no longer subjected to athletic sneakers as the only option for comfortable footwear. No longer do we have to deal with big, blocky sneakers that do not match anything in our wardrobe. You know, the ones that make us look like we are about to run the London marathon Sunday morning?

LOCI Black Vegan Sneakers

The unisex sneaker is made from recycled PET plastic yarn, making it sustainable. This yarn is a soft, breathable, comfortable sensation, allowing your feet to feel like you are walking on air. No longer will you be in discomfort and have nightmares about your feet.

There is no age limit - you can start wearing sneakers to work at any age as they are incredibly functional. The most prominent CEOs have been known to drop sneakers into corporate stylings such as Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Sneakers are Silicon Valley’s unofficial uniform.

Sneakers make it easy to rush around from meeting to meeting and save time by cutting out the quick commute shoe change. It creates a friendly and welcoming impression for colleagues and clients. It is a step in line with modern leadership and management which considers employees to partners and colleagues in the organisation. It is easy to either dress them up and pair them with a tailored suit or dressed down with jeans and a classic t-shirt. I would recommend purchasing a classic design that is flexible in the styling department and matches most things in your wardrobe.

Two Models Wearing LOCI White Sneakers

Quick Styling tips

  • Start with a neutral colour then you can expand your collection
  • Always make sure they are clean - no one wants to see cuffs and mud
  • Pair them with a fitted suit, you are sure to be boardroom ready
  • You can never go wrong with a casual ‘fit – Blazer, Chinos, T-shirt, and no socks, you can definitely ditch the midweek dress shirt.
  • No time and need a quick OOTD? A dress shirt and skinny trouser with your business casual sneakers not only give you an excellent look but it’s very comfortable and quick and easy to pull together in the morning.
  • Heading out for some after-work drinks? Pair your sneakers with a gorgeous summer dress.
  • A pencil skirt and structure top paired with sneakers will give you a great blend of sporty but sophisticated
  • Last-minute day rave? Pair your sneaker with a jumpsuit which is quick and easy plus less ironing

So make the run and wear some sneakers to work.

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