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LØCI x Ocean Bottle

LØCI has partnered with Ocean Bottle with a joint mission to reduce ocean plastic. For every Ocean Bottle sold, 1000 plastic bottles will be collected before they reach the ocean.

The built-in NFC chip allows for easy location of the nearest Ocean Bottle refill station to avoid buying plastic bottles. Let's make a positive impact by choosing products like these that benefit our planet.

Ocean Bottle
Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle

Created with art stainless steel and part ocean-bound recycled plastic, the Ocean Bottle is the ultimate solution for those on the move.

The reusable bottle has a built in vacuum insulation, keeping your cold drinks refreshed and your warm beverages at a hot temperature for up to 18 hours.

With a built-in silicone straw and a flip-lid cap, you can enjoy a zip of your favorite beverage whenever and wherever, as the easy carry loop allows you to keep your Ocean Bottle with you at all times.

The Ocean Bottle comes in four colorways; Obsidian Black, Rock Grey, Ocean Blue and Sun Orange.

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