LØCI-Care Warranty

Sustainability starts not only with a product that is made using sustainable/recyclable materials, without surplus supply, but also with a product that lasts for its intended lifespan.

LØCI-Care was designed to protect you & your sneakers, but also to protect our planet from excess wastage of apparel items.

LØCI Care Warranty covers

The expected minimum lifetime (1 year from date of delivery) and protects you, the LØCI sneaker from a range of issues from;

  • Broken laces 
  • Lace eyelets
  • Fabric Failures
  • Stitching
  • Seams
  • Outer sole detachment

Not covered: Insoles, stains/blemishes, misuse, rips, tears.

What's not covered?


This may include but are not limited to rips, wears and tears caused by unreasonable or fair use of the garment such as excessive force, animal attacks or user error (e.g. cleaning a product with bleach or other non-approved cleaning product).

Normal wear and tear

Our sneakers are developed to be water resistant, withstand daily usage & more - but like any sneaker - it will become worn over time. Once worn, cleaned & reworn, your sneakers will likely not look, feel or smell the same as they do when first purchased. Please bear this in mind when considering contacting our LØCI-Care Warranty department.

Protecting your sneakers

We advise protecting your sneakers with Protector 50 Liquidproof upon delivery & cleaning regularly with Cleaning 50 Liquidproof to ensure longevity of your shoes.

From time to time with most textile shoes they may become stained, please follow this guide to ensure you have cleaned your sneakers sufficiently.

How to make a claim

Once you have read the above & feel your product is suitable for a LØCI-Care claim, please follow the steps below:

1. Contact support@lociwear.com or use our contact form. Please send us; your order number, order date, email address & phone number.

2. Include images of the product & any faults. As much information as you can give us as to how, when, where & how the fault had occurred & If you have attempted to wash, dry or fix the garment yourself (all claims are subject to inspection).

3. We will then provide you with a label to return your product.

4. Further contact will be made by our team to tell you if you product is eligible for a warranty claim and your options.

5. Your sneakers will then be replaced, repaired or repaired, recycled and donated to a good cause.

All claims are subject to inspection by our team and approval by our team, claims usually take 2-4 weeks post dispatch to process, dependant on your location.

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