Let's work together and show the world what happens when we unite style, with purpose.

After countless attempts, LØCI was born with Emmanuel Eribo and Philippe Homsy at the helm of this eco-friendly mission. The "ORIGIN" sneaker - crafted through 9 arduous processes – soon became a symbol for stylish apparel made to stand for something more than just fashion.

Their success inspired them to create Gen 1 silhouettes as well as accessories & apparel in preparation for future generations!

This journey spurned the birth of their original sneaker collection from which henceforth came a team dedicated solely towards making sure that every design surpasses its predecessors: introducing us all to the world class quality standards set by LØCI Labs, a team consisting of expert designers, best in industry product developers to create the 2nd generation of LØCI sneakers, accessories & apparel.

Below; a list of our current & future developments from the LØCI Labs team.


The LØCI six Classic Runner Sneakers.

The ultimate blend between style & comfort, the SIX sneakers are made from a soft recycled upper, fabric paneling, a recycled fabric lining, recycled rubber sole.

Not just safe for the world, they’re also super lightweight and provide a snug fit thanks to the inflated rubber soles. You’ll be able to make your style statement with ease with the signature “Ø” logo that decorates the outer panel, as well as the branded tongue that shows off your cool designer credentials.

Available Spring/Summer '23.

100% Vegan sneakers
Recycled upper & Natural Sole
Nanotech Waterproofing
Handmade in portugal


These retro-inspired runner sneakers combine chill vibes with all-day comfort, making them perfect for when you’re looking to switch up your streetwear. The cushioned insole and midsole are designed to keep every step effortlessly cozy, while a shaped ankle collar and lace fastening lend a sleek, supportive fit.

A panel design upper is paired with a shaped rubber accent at the heel, giving these sneakers an always-on-trend look.

The unique panel design upper is finished off with a stylish shaped rubber accent at the heel for an always on trend look that's top of it's game.

Available Summer '23.

Covered by løci-care warranty
eco-friendly materials
10% of online sales profits donated
20 plastic bottles recycled per pair

LØCI 2.0 Collection

Our innovative 2.0 collection! Featuring a unique blend of "Maize Leather" fabric.

The BioBased material "On Steam® BioEco" is perfect for all of our Generation 1 sneaker needs. Not only is BioEco fabric made from corn/maize waste that would typically be disposed of, they also utilize the latest in BioEco technology to create a leather-like alternative without harming any animals or interfering with farming practices.

Maize "Leather" provides added benefits like breathability and quick drying capabilities so you know it's just as durable and robust as traditional leather options. Don't forget about other sustainable touches such as recycled lining, bamboo insoles and recycled rubber soles included on styles across the entire release.

Available Spring '23.

Covered by løci-care warranty
Extremely Durable yet breathable
63% Biodegradable, 100% recyclable


LØCI is a fashion powerhouse that strikes the perfect balance between style and purpose. In just one year, our brand has gained global traction with physical stores across Europe & USA and online presence in more than 200 territories worldwide!

Boasting an uncompromising approach to eco-friendly principles at its core - LØCI is revolutionising what modern sneaker fashion looks like today.

Defining the standards of ethical fashion with our signature style, LØCI is becoming a powerhouse in the fashion industry. We are more than just sneakers - we're bringing bolder silhouettes, accessories and apparel to take your wardrobe up to that next level! A key player on the rise - it's time for you to step into something special.


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