That’s right, the month of January is all about veganism - but why stop there? What better way to join in on the fun for the rest of the year than by teaming up with LØCI and getting your hands on a new pair of vegan sneakers? We’ve got a wide variety of styles for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect pair to fit your unique personality.

Not only are our sneakers stylish and comfortable, but they also come with a purpose. By choosing LØCI, you’re not only contributing to veganuary but also helping us support important causes like animal welfare and environmental conservation.


Going vegan doesn't have to be a daunting task! This Veganuary, discover the small changes you can make that will create big waves in reducing your carbon footprint.

Ready to move beyond salads and smoothies? Expand your vegan possibilities with 5 exciting new activities this month.

1. Use vegan-friendly household items that are earth-friendly and non-toxic

Make your home a haven of eco-friendly vegan goodness with the help of vegan-friendly household items! From vegan bath products, made with all-natural ingredients and plant-based oils, to non-leather sofa covers and throw pillows stuffed with organic cotton, you can create an animal-product free environment in no time. Even appliances like dishwashers and washing machines come in cruelty-free versions.

Best of all, your new vegan home will be filled with items that are kinder to the earth and free of harsh, toxic chemicals. Make your house a warm and inviting habitat today, while protecting our planet's precious resources for tomorrow.

Companies like Naked Sprout, Method and Smol create many vegan prodcuts that you can use in your household.

2. Choose clothing & sneaker stores that sell environmentally-friendly products

Vegan friendly sneakers, clothing & accessories are taking the fashion world by storm! Many brands have created vegan sneaker options that not only look great, but don't require the use of animal products.

So if you're looking for vegan-friendly sneakers, clothing & accessories that'll have people wanting to know where you got it from, these brands should definitely be your go-to's - MUD Jeans, GroundTruth & Komodo.

With their use of vegan-friendly materials and cutting-edge design, these brands are leading the way in vegan exclusive fashion.

At LØCI our aim is to go a step beyond the vegan fashion trend, by uniting style, quality & purpose.



Recycling is a great way to contribute to a smaller carbon footprint, and can be a major part of veganism as well. Recycling items like plastics, glass, aluminum and paper can decrease the demand not just for new raw materials and actual goods, but also for the energy required to make them. Lessened energy means fewer animals need to be farmed for their parts that are used in manufacturing for products like leather goods.

Recycling may even contribute directly to reducing animal populations by sidestepping the production of things such as fur coat and accessories, where certain animals are hunted exclusively. Recycling can definitely be helpful when it comes to creating positive change and making an impact on animal populations over time!

4. Switch to using cruelty-free beauty products and toiletries

People are now paying attention to the ingredients used in everyday beauty items.

Vegan beauty products contain no animal-derived ingredients or by-products, making them safer and healthier for the environment. Not only that, but these items are often packed with supercharged botanicals and natural extracts that can be great for your skin!

Being nourished without any of the potential negative side effects of some animal-derived ingredients makes vegan beauty an excellent choice.

So, what are some of the top vegan beauty products? Mascaras from Milk Makeup, Hand Cream from Grown Alchemist, Hair Dye from Lime Crime…and the list goes on! Veganism not only helps the environment — it can help improve your own look too.

5. Educate yourself on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and share them with others

Becoming a vegan is more than just giving up your favourite foods; it is understanding the benefits to one’s health, wellness, and overall lifestyle. To educate yourself on the advantages of a vegan lifestyle, you can start by exploring online resources like online cooking classes, recipe books, or nutrition sites.

Additionally, try participating in virtual support groups such as vegan forums or animal rights events that offer helpful tips and advice. Once you are familiar with a vegan lifestyle, consider sharing what you have discovered with others.

Speak passionately about your experiences and use creative storytelling methods to make them memorable - whether it be through an engaging podcast or full-length docuseries - to inspire compassion within all who listen.

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